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Level 2

Week 4

August 30, 2020

Optimizing for Performance and Public Speaking


Video Coming Soon

Video Coming Soon

~ Question: when I am leading or facilitating an activity with a large group of people, I feel so much their energy and sometimes can get       ungrounded  and overwhelmed by other people’s energy, how can I strengthen my field as not get overwhelmed.How can I work with this energy?


~ Do you recommend any books/podcasts/movies to better understand music as a portal… the why and responsible opening/closing?
 -Rolling thunder speaks- black elk speaks


~ Do you have any thoughts on how to apply this towards songwriting? Wanting to write not only from my own ego but also for the collective that     need/want to hear the prayer form… how to bring these tools of being witnessed as we create the music before we even go to perform it

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Class Notes

For detailed notes of this week's class, click below!

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Home Fun

Home fun practices for you to explore. 

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