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Ali Shanti 

The music of +Elijah- and the Band of Light reminds me of the love that I am, no matter what is going on in my life. Listening to the CD in the car is an immediate uplift to my day + brings me to presence. A live E+xperience is beyond the beyond. All I can say about it is ... get to one so you can experience it for yourself and see what I mean. Love, love, love!

Marya Stark 

"Studying Vocal Alchemy with Elijah Ray has completely re-calibrated my relationship to singing, to teaching, to soul embodiment, and to every aspect of my creative life. The ripples of electricity and alignment that have transpired in my world as a direct result of things that I learned about myself, my relationships and my muses through our chapter of development are long answered prayers. This work has brought a renewed sense of clarity, coherence, vision and purpose to my art, and continues to bring great ease and joy to my heart. So much more than what I could have imagined Vocal Alchemy to be, I have come out of this series utterly refreshed, with a refined set of life long tools for composing the great symphony of my life. 

Elijah is supreme magic, and I regard him as a keeper of timely wisdom keys for the current age. I highly recommend anyone yearning to refine their relationship to their Voice and Sound as tools for living life to the fullest to ecstatically leap into anything he offers."

Caroline Pearson

The positive energy of the universe magnified and focused through an instrument, released as beauty, peace and love...Dance is the only adequate description of the Music!


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