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Level 2

Week 3

August 23, 2020

Spatial Awareness


~ I’m finding it tricky to hold 360 degree vision when I expand, which is what I really want to do when you speak of expanding my sphere. Do you     have any tips on holding that other than just practicing? lol
Also I mean to just feel 360 degrees around me all at once, not necessarily visual.


~ Question: how do you understand sending tones to people or different places ex: I’ve been wanting to send tones of love to California - I feel I can    do this but it feels almost like I’m transporting there or like I’m “mailing” the tone over to them, rather than expanding from here all the way to there…    does that make sense? Is this part of the spatial sphere?


~ I find it easier to hold the sphere when I close my eyes and then use my arms to create it. 

  I come from a dance background.  this could be why.  What do you guys this about that ?


~ I’ve fond that how I ‘see’ things is more through feeling. Like when I do the time sphere, I feel what might happening emotionally and relate with       that. Are there ways to build the sharpening you speak of?


~ I’d love to hear more about “stabilizing” the sphere?

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Class Notes

For detailed notes of this week's class, click below!

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Home Fun

Home fun practices for you to explore. 

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