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Week 6

June 14, 2020

"Becoming A Spherical Miracle"

Week 6 Q&A:

~ I’d like to be able to use the sphere to create consistency in my emotions. I feel so depressed today and sometimes can’t surface for hours or days from the darkness


~ Will you speak to clearing homework and daily practice time debting and how to access more courage for the romance and discipline of self song space as a Jedi practice.


I~  have some trouble toning into my sphere behind my back...  could you describe your experience/how you relate to the space 'in back'?


~ Curious if you sense that when someone transitions if they still have a sphere or if there energy becomes something else?  Is the body the anchor for the sphere?  I welcome guidance on how to harmonize and connect with sound and energy to those who have passed on. 


~ - QUESTION - What is the link between sound, intention, ond visualisation?


~ My sphere almost always is collapsed int the back. I have been singing into it. And it doesn’t respond much. So i’ve expand my sphere to hold the collapsed aspect of the sphere. It feels like it going to take time for it to work itself out, so I just sing love into it and make space for that collapse to be, and to receive whatever wants to come through to tend to it. Do you have anything that you could share in how else I could relate to that? I don’t want to bypass whatever that is in my sphere. And it doesn’t feel good to just have a wonky shaped sphere.

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Home Fun

Home fun practices for you to explore. 
This week's invitation is spherical exploration! 

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