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Bonus Q&A

Bonus Q&A


~ Can you guys speak to toning our dreams as well.
I am a deep dreamer and I’d love to bring more of my dream energy into my days!


~ My voice is very BIG. can you give more visual context?


~ I’m interested in subtleties/manipulations in toning for ‘activation’ vs. ‘grounding.’  Sometimes I end up activate when I want to be grounded and vice versa….Higher tones and lower tones, but anything else?


~ Question : Elijah mentioned 7 tones to change your state, can you share with us what to search in reference to find out more about the 7 tones?


~ a bit confused about how to be present inside the expanded sphere. 
i felt like i was trying to go invisible, or more gently somehow into my neighbours spaces.


~ Any tips for relaxing/relieving tension in the jaw?

Bonus Q&A


~ M, how does influence fall into the coordinates ?


~ What if trauma and pain arise from doing music itself?


~ When doing this exercises and explorations, I often hear internal tones which are far lower than I can make with my body.  Any advice on how to vocalize something that I can’t physically vocalize?


~Wondering about kindred practices for listening to accompany the singing.


~ I’m curious to know your thoughts in regards to anxiety, trauma and tension that arise that are music related. I tend to suffer from trauma and anxiety that arise when I sit down to do anything music related. I have had some amazing experiences writing my music in the past but have let it go over the last few years. The inspirations and flowing ideas and joyous motivation that come with it that I know from my past have been blocked up by this extended hiatus. Even the thought of approaching music on a day off work is triggering. 


~When you’re performing for (large) crowds, what is your sphere doing?


if some parts of me still have some old habitual- Low Vibration

“Victim Mentality“- How do I best raise my Vibration“- Naturally & Authentically?


~ I’ve noticed that when I do my spherical practices I yawn amidst my tone-homing, quite a bit. I do this when I am clearing energy in sessions as well and my channel opens. I wonder if you have any experience with getting past the yawns during the spherical practice? I’m often not tired when doing the course practices but wonder if I am moving through some kind of block or resistance in my vocal chords. Realizing the yawns may just be a physiological reflex️, but I’m wondering if you know them to be more of an energy-clearing mechanic of the throat chakra?

Bonus Q&A


~ I’m doing this class and have a personal voice coach.
I have incredible range, I just get frozen when trying to share my voice

~ BOUNDARIES...Where do Generosity, Love, Focus & Intention meet, as my Sphere meets another?

As a woman (and i know heart centered men also explore this) and Empath, AND child who grew up with often emotionally imbalanced parents, as well as someone who was formally trained to fix/help/ hold space as part of my work...

This Spherical Vibration is still re-assessing the differences between Codependency~Holding Space~Healing~Loving~Oneness

I can easily feel someone’s emotional distress,

( i’d like to sense more into their emotional Joy!)

I am still learning how to say No, Trusting that person has a direct connection to Spirit as well, and staying on track with my Highest Purpose & Intention.

So how do you more skillfully keep the balance between the needs of self & other?


~A question for Elijah Ray. During our last call it sounded like after you began to shift into projecting harmonic resonances, upon your base tone, that your base tone went silent and only the harmonics remained. Was that a trick of the microphone/computer, or is that actually possible?

I have been playing with finding a strong harmonic, and then shifting my base tone around, and endeavouring to hold the harmonic in a way that it slides up and down with the base tone. Have been feeling pretty impressed with myself for getting better at that, but now I wonder if there is way more scope to playing with these harmonics.

So intriguing. Such a compelling exploration. X


~would love you to speak about attuning to cosmic forces and how you work with elements and calling those frequencies through your voices


~ I'm finding that toning home often results in tears. The experience is much like placing a key in a lock and toning home opens it... rushes of emotion flood out and I can't contain it to continue the tone. It's frustrating because I have to push on and settle my emotional response to continue toning simply because the experience of crying closes the throat and presses on the cords. 

These wounds don't seem to be directly connected to any particular moment in time, not specific ghosts.. just residual memory, toxic energy sitting there. 

I want to honor that energy, explore it and allow it to transition into something more positive, but I'm not sure how to do that…


- Question - Any tips for communicating the truth of what I know in my intuition about “hot topics” to someone who seems to give over their power completely to the mind, “reason”, and outside sources

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