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with Elijah Ray and Marya Stark

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This 2 part spherical journey puts you in the virtual dojo with multi-dimensional artists Elijah Ray and Marya Stark. Together, they’ll show you how to work with your voice in a way that enhances your connection to personal power, beauty, presence, and creativity.


Each week is a full immersion into exercises, techniques and tools that will inspire and energize you to bring your whole voice to all aspects of your life. We are here to support you saying yes with your whole being to cultivating your gifts of genius through full embodiment of your voice within your sphere.

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This Method Is Designed To Help You:

  • Explore the transformative power that sound has in your daily life

  • Engage and develop your imagination and focus as tools for self-mastery 

  • Gain confidence in speaking and communicating your truth

  • Learn essential tools and practices you need to expand your vocal range

  • Cultivate joy and pleasure in your experience of singing and speaking

  • Enhance personal awareness, groundedness and presence

  • Refine your relationship to your Voice and Sound as tools for living life to the fullest

  • Deepen your connection with yourself, so that in every breath you are in alignment with your earthly assignment.

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About Your Instructors:

Elijah Ray and Marya Stark have each walked a unique path to discovering the practical and mystical benefits of sound in our lives.  Each time their paths have crossed, they have co-created music, exchanged ideas and created something new.  


These master sound makers are joining forces yet again to bring you an immersive experience of their collective storytelling and song writing skills, vocal techniques, spiritual practices,  archetypal landscapes and sound science to guide you to your truest expression through sound.


Each module will equip you with essential practices for your Sound Jedi toolbelt.

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Learn the foundational methods of the Band of Light Technologies to create your personal container and design your daily vocal practice ritual. Work with your voice as an orientation point in every aspect of your life.

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Remember to sit at the throne of your heart no matter where you are. Master your spherical awareness and begin the journey of becoming a sonic jedi. Explore how to play with the energy and emotions you are experiencing, growing into the personal edges and comfort levels that come up with sharing your voice.

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Learn methods and skills to stabilize your Core Resonance in the midst of chaos. Access your power through your voice anytime, anywhere by bringing your body language and thoughts into alignment with what you desire.

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Explore the power of speech, learning the art of words to spell the story of your life as an embodiment of truth. Increase trust within yourself, to speak in your life from a place of integrity and connection to stream your authentic self.

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Explore the alchemy of sound, voice signature and the capacity your sound has for healing. Learn about the voice for self soothing, nervous system regulation, and training your imagination for access to more creativity, play, peace and relaxation.

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Hone the art of personal boundaries within your core resonance. Here we explore essential keys for healthier relationships with self, others and the world. Understand the gift of your voice as an offering of your true self to the world, and learn to listen for the honest echo that life responds with.



  • (6) 75 minute recorded sessions with Elijah and Marya

  • Method Worksheets/Notes

  • Class Transcriptions

  • Library of Exercises and Practices

  • Private Community Chat

  • Additional practice videos/ audios

  • Resource Treasure Chest



- Begins August 2nd - 

- Sundays 3:33 PST -

Level 2 is a 7 week live continuation from Level 1 beginning August 2nd. We will expand on and add additional tools for your daily explorations. We will refine methods for how to fortify your vocal sphere for the stage, work, community, art creations, leadership positions and personal relationships. We will look at deepening in presence through sound, and open further to the creative power we access through our voice.

Everything included in Level 1 plus:

  • (7) 90 minute Live sessions with Elijah and Marya

  • Class recordings, transcriptions, and worksheets

  • Additional Q+A sessions

"Elijah is the incarnation of what he teaches. He is loving and powerful. His presence and the wisdom he shares is an amazing inspiration for everyone that wants to expand their life beyond all limitations."

- Elie, Vocal Empowerment Masterclass Participant

"Marya holds space for me to be real, vulnerable, and for me to find my voice as an expression of my spirit coming through me. She is skilled, kind, a strong stand, and a loving ally to me as I dive deep into all of the victorious and tender places that singing takes me.”

-Samantha Ibarguen, Founder of Integrated Wellness

Come Back To Your Core

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