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Level 2

Week 1

August 9, 2020



~I heard some overtones in today’s exercises. How did you get the overtone sound? @Marya @Elijah


~Qn - do you do all of your morning toning while still lying in bed?

~Can you please explain - again the home tone, in tone and out tone?


~I would like to learn more about layer parts and looping. This is something I thought would be covered in detail as it is a big  part of E’s signature performance stylle


~I am healing from a virus in my nerve sheath, I noticed feeling some nausea from the practices today, can you comment? I        imagine toning will help me heal.


~do we get to hear each other?  I found myself wanting to hear the whole group toning and sink into the group sphere :0

~How does the morning tone effect your dream recall?


~I find a lot of emotion coming up when doing the practices.  How do you recommend working with that?


~I wonder how beautiful and powerful your voice could be if we were physically together in a room!!!


~In the first 20 minutes of this session it felt if I was starting hyperventilating. Does this gets better by practicing, or what do you  recommend to prevent this?

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Class Notes

For detailed notes of this week's class, click below!

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Daily Spherical Practice:
Review VCR Level 1 Class 1

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