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Level 2

Week 2

August 16, 2020

Recollection Of Self


~ I get really hot in my whole system when I tone. What’s up with that?


~ Marya, is the tone home always the same note?  or does it range depending on what you feel?


~ i am finding that when i tone home I have one sound.  then when Intone its the same sound ,then the same with the outer sphere too.  the only change is my focus.  should i be following the mental focus with a different sound on purpose?


~ Elijah, that experience you shared with us about the car accident, I'm curious when using these techniques, how do you discern between manifestation and prevention? Our power is vast... so when visualizing a car accident for example, how do you know if this is a psychic hit vs something you might be contributing to manifesting?


~ How do you navigate the beginning stages of holding time and facing interference? I tried this week holding my day, immediately after other people triggered me, it was not at all how I saw the rest of the night. And not at all how I envisioned myself navigating/responding. I felt very thrown off, and was confused!

~ There seem to be many references to water in this content. e.g.: ‘streaming’. Elijah in the last course you briefly mentioned hyrdrogenated water and wondering if you could speak a little about your experience with this?i am seeing and feeling so many water connections in this work <3 thank you :)


~ i love these toning practices!  AND I sometimes find myself resisting doing them…(esp at the beginning or end of the day— I usually am fine with midday or sunset practice… ) curious what that might be about?


~ Could you help me understand how my sphere (in out-toning) interacts with other objects that are in the same location and have their own energy…? - there’s a bit of a mind block when I go to occupy my sphere and there are other objects in the space around me - does that make sense?

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Class Notes

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Home Fun

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