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You want to learn the secrets of how to compose (actual) magic with live looping


You want to take your live performance to the next level


You want to get the most out of your gear and learn in real time


You've got a loop pedal collecting dust and don't know where to start!


Your creativity is in need of a kickstart (or CPR)


You're ready for a fun, fresh dose of inspiration in your music making


You want to ignite your creative process

This class is for you if...

“The Living Loop” is a 2 day Virtual Masterclass designed to give you everything you need to dive into the magical world of live looping, with world renowned artist and looping innovator, Elijah Ray.


This is the very first Immersion of it’s kind offered by Elijah Ray!

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About the Immersion

We will go behind the scenes into Elijah’s world of exploring looping as an art form... you will learn:


  • Innovative looping techniques

  • Gear and setup instructions

  • Performance secrets that will make you stand out from the average musician.

Learn to loop using a variety of tools - from just a standalone looper and your voice - as well as instruction on how to optimize a more complex set-up for professional live looping performances.

In this playful container, Elijah will walk you through the exploration and discovery of what’s possible with sound.

You will come away with invaluable tools you can immediately apply to your current craft, as well as simple steps to begin your journey with live looping!

All levels are welcome!

Meet your Instructor

Elijah Ray is an international recording artist, vocalist, composer, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist with a professional music career spanning more than 18 years. 

He is best known for his live Band of Light & SoundLight +E-xperiences, where he generates a full band sound using only his voice, a variety of instruments, and his loop pedal setup, aka the Mothership.

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Want to get your gear setup but don't know where to start?
Check out this list we made with Elijah's complete pro setup!

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