Vocal Empowerment Masterclass Level 1: February 2018


Vocal Empowerment Masterclass Level 1: February 2018

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1.00pm-4.30pm (PST)

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We dove deep and had a lot of fun in January... and we're saying YES to doing it again this February!


This February, join Elijah and Band of Light members from around the world for a half-day online masterclass. Gain the essential tools and practices you need to increase the confidence to speak your truth, to expand your vocal range, and to upgrade the way you use sound to open worlds of possibilities within the music that is your LIFE.

Whether you are a singer, musician, public speaker, or someone who simply wants to feel more empowered when using your voice, this is your next level. You will be taken through vital methods to become more confident with your voice, and assisted in stepping into your journey of  “Jedi” status in being able to create on a frequency level…by consciously harmonizing with the space around you, in the sounds you make.

Sound is Light. Light is information. When you work with these two elements in your singing, speaking, and approach to music, you are tapping into the hidden knowledge…now is the time for us to remember it.

Let’s discover how YOU can deepen your relationship with music...and in the process, we will have a lot of fun :)

This is not simply music or voice lessons… this is Vocal Empowerment.

With love and respect,
Elijah Ray