Vocal Empowerment 3 Month Module


Vocal Empowerment 3 Month Module



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Thank you for your interest in working with me :)

I would love to help you take your relationship with sound to the next level...

I’ve been studying music, and actively exploring the power of sound since I was three years old.

I’ve come to learn that there are core principles for singers, public speakers, musicians, and seekers of truth…that are contained in a basic understanding of what I call Vocal Empowerment.

The benefits of this training are too numerous to list… but if you decide to work with me, we will upgrade the way you listen, and therefore the way you use sound, to open worlds of possibilities within the music that is your LIFE.

Over the last 15 years as a singer, composer, and touring artist, I have had many teachers, and many students... and have enjoyed experimenting with many different teaching formats.

What I have found to be the most powerful way to share this knowledge with you, and more importantly: the most effective way for YOU to integrate this knowledge into your life, is through a 3 month training module.


6 x fortnightly 2hr sessions
1 x 30min intro call
BONUS special gift

After you’ve secured your place on the Vocal Empowerment mothership, we choose a time and date to meet online and dive into a 30 minute intro call. This is where we get to meet, and discover where YOU want to go with your voice / sound / music / life.

You will then get access to the Vocal Empowerment calendar where you can select from the allocated days and times for us to work together for the next three months. From there we meet on Skype every 2 weeks, for a 2 hour power download, for 6 sessions in total.

In between sessions, I give you plenty of tools to play with and practice to prepare for the next session.

Every session is recorded, so you have the entire training in your video library to continue your study, even after our 3 months is complete.


In addition to the Vocal Empowerment training, I am offering you a special gift, which you can activate in one of two ways:

  1. I record a customized SoundLight session for YOU, based on your goals and vision, for you to listen to for inspiration on your quest, or

  2. We record a song together. This could serve as your inspiration / call to action for your journey in vocal freedom :)

That’s six 2 hour sessions, a customized SoundLight recording, and 3 months of focus on your path of sound.

So much transformation can happen in that time…and it always does!


Module One focuses on opening your throat chakra ~ and connecting it to the rest of YOU.

One of the most direct ways I see this benefiting my students is a greater comfort in speaking your truth ~ be it in relationship, at work, or most importantly…in your inner dialogue with yourself (this is what creates the day to day reality you experience).

This module is for EVERYONE.

For singers and musicians, this is your next level. Imagine becoming more confident with your voice, and stepping into a more “Jedi” status of beginning to create on a frequency level…by consciously harmonizing with the space around you, in the sounds you make.

Sound is Light. Light is information. When you work with these two elements in your singing, speaking, and approach to music, you are tapping into the hidden knowledge…now is the time for us to remember it.

Let’s discover how YOU can deepen your relationship with music...and in the process, we will have a lot of fun :)

This is not simply music lessons, or voice lessons…this is Vocal Empowerment.

I have limited space for a few students at a time, so if you are feeling the YES, secure your spot now.

From there, we get to play together!

I really look forward to serving you on your journey in Sound.

With love and respect,
Elijah Ray