There are some moments that are just too profound to put into words…but I will try my best!

Last night was a game changer.


It all started when I took the ferry yesterday, from the north to the south island of New Zealand. It was a beautiful ride. At one point I went out onto the viewing deck, looking out across the water, and I began really feeling my Ohana back home in Hawaii... so I sent a prayer of love to my family across the sea... and Rainbows appeared in the spray! Message delivered!

I then started playing a game, imagining that I was sending rainbows to all the Band of Light family across the globe, singing melodies through the waters like whale songs, wrapping the whole world in a rainbow hug :) 

I went inside to see the Band of Light logo printed on the underside of my table, with the words I AM below it. Coincidence? 



After a few moments of writing in my journal, I started dropping deeper...and began really giving thanks for everyone in my life... I had about 3 more hours on the ferry, so I really went there... Can you imagine? I took a moment to feel genuine appreciation for each and every one who's ever helped me, loved me, offered kind words of encouragement, been there for me when I was down, etc... that's a lot of people. That's a lot of appreciation!

Suddenly I heard squeals of delight, so I ran back out to the viewing deck to see that Dolphins had come swimming by the boat! I could hear them saying "Don't forget about us! We hear you and we appreciate you too!"

Smiles...and more rainbows. :)


 So after the magic ferry ride, I drove a few hours to finally arrive at a beautiful guest cottage I found on air B&B…up the coast near Golden Bay…which is where I had my first awakening to the power and beauty of Aotearoa nearly 10 years ago. It was getting dark, and the full moon was already shining as I arrived, gently illuminating the pathway to a magic garden that was surrounding my quarters for the night.

My cottage was right near the beach, so after getting settled in, I took myself for a late night stroll, offering my prayers to the full moon, and the rising tide, which seemed to be swooning to greet my bare feet.


What was amazing... is that each prayer I cast out from my heart seemed to be greeted with a shooting star! It was as if all of Creation was listening and responding to my every gesture…I became lost in the rapture that is reserved for nature's deepest devotees...

After a couple hours of unspeakable communion, I went back to the cottage and took a long hot bath, nurturing my body and giving thanks for it’s health and well being. 

One thing that most of my friends know about me, is that I love baths. I feel the most at home when I'm in the water. Another thing to know about me is: I always hear music in my head. 

When I'm in the bath on nights like this, I am usually writing music. Sometimes, it's a head bobbin, funky pop tune, and other times it's symphonies and angel choirs up there. There's never a dull moment inside :)

So last night I was working on a new arrangement for a song I'm about to record on my new album, (which I'm going into the studio for next week in Ibiza! YES!) This particular song is f%$#ng exciting for reasons I will share in another blog post soon...needless to say, it's a game changer. So I'm going over and over the song in my head,  refining it until I can see and hear every note... when suddenly a voice says “get your wand and meet me at the water”.

Well, I am used to these kinds of requests from my guides, but I don’t really have a wand...I sat there for a moment and realized that I do have a nice handheld crystal I brought with me, that I’ve been envisioning fashioning onto the end of a staff, Gandalf style…and I had a feeling that was what they were talking about, so I grabbed the crystal, and headed back to the beach without a second thought.

As soon as I stepped outside, I saw it… the blood moon eclipse was happening… Oh yes. I love these spontaneous calls to ceremony, where no one else is around, just the cathedral of nature, Gaia’s infinite listening, and the galaxy of stars, accompanying the moment like a symphony of consciousness… I love when you just KNOW you are in the right place at the right time for magic.

I walked back to the spot where I had my earlier communion by the water, and I took my ‘wand’ and pointed it directly at the blood red moon, which was now only shining with a small, pure white crescent of the sun’s light. I was in the perfect moment, to reconcile and forgive anything and everything that I have ever done that was out of integrity with myself. And I continued forgiving, beyond myself, beyond my ego-centered life, forgiving every one and any one who has ever done anything that was out of their integrity…and on and on it goes….total reconciliation. Complete forgiveness. Completion. 


I looked up through the tears in my eyes, those liberating waters that come from within…and I see that the moon is now almost fully red…the eclipse portal is peaking. 


I was suddenly inspired to walk a few steps to a small pool that had appeared in the sand where the water came and went…the stars are reflecting off it’s surface like a parallel universe…and I kneeled down to dip my wand into it. The crystal in my hand had grown quite warm from all the energy moving through it, and I found it almost magnetically pulled to touch the water. With great reverence, I dipped my wand into the pool…. and an explosion of stars rippled throughout the water! 

Was I dreaming? I looked up into the sky, only to see a council of twinkling watchers beholding the moment with me...and the dark moon. I lowered my wand into the water again, this time in a spiraling motion… and as soon as it’s tip touched the pool, it became illuminated by star trails of phosphorescence… Oh my god!! This was a discovery that had my inner child, and my inner master dancing in joy! 


What ensued was the purest magic...I spent the rest of the night writing prayers for all of life, into a pool of stars, with a crystal wand... each word glowing with star trails of pure light.


I wrote a prayer for you in these illuminated waters.

I went something like this:

"Remember who you are, beloved

Remember why you’re here

Walk with me

We are together now

Lover and Beloved,

Earth and Sky.

Let us take care of each other, and nurture this place we call home 

It's really simple

There is enough for everyone. 

Remember this

There is enough for everyone.

You are enough

I am enough

We are enough

You are love



You are so Loveable.

You are so BEAUTIFUL!

Just Be you

Be here

Be here with me, now

Let's feel this love together

Feel the magic...


...and Give Thanks.


PS ~ Just as I was about to push 'save' on this post, I went inside to make some rainbow tea, and was greeted by more rainbows! I'm not making this stuff up, life really is this good...beloved friends, may this magic find it's way to you in every note of today.